We are usually asked about...

1. Where is Rydalmere?

Rydalmere is halfway between Sydney West and North Sydney. It is very local to Parramatta CBD. If you go to our Contact Us section you will find a map of where we are. You can also put in your address and it will give you directions of how to get to us.

2. Do you have a smash repair service as well as cosmetic repairs?

Our focus is returning your vehicle to a factory standard of repair… be that major Accident repair or cosmetic repairs.

3. Do you offer courtesy cars?

Depending on how long your car needs to be repaired and the costs involved, we will always accommodate you the best that we can to avoid any inconvenience. In many instances, customers have been covered for a replacement vehicle on their policy which they were not aware of, so that is always worth checking as a first option.

4. Does an excess for a motor claim get paid to the insurance company or you? Does this need to be paid before repairs?

The excess is paid to us on completion of repairs. In some instances, you may need to pay the insurance company beforehand if a third party vehicle is involved, that depends on your policy and who you are insured with.

5. Do you repair all types of wheels or just alloy?

We do all types of wheels… from- alloy, machined finished, shadow chrome, etc.

6. Who should I Insure with?

An Insurer that allows you the choice of repairer on a single quote basis, one that has a replacement car option, one that offers an agreed insured amount for your car, one that does not require you to run around getting a quote and then asking you to attend an assessment centre. And one that allows for new factory parts.

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