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In 2004 Prestige Auto Salon was purpose built as a beauty salon for motor vehicles requiring cosmetic or non-structural repairs. Our focus was cosmetic paint and soft repair more than crash repair. This service is an ideal way of preparing a car for sale, changing over a car at the end of lease, or simply bringing your pride and joy back to its very best.

We have been in the crash repair industry for many years and saw a genuine need for precision correction work in the areas of spot repair, scratch/swirl removal, paint imperfection, plastic bar scrapes and other areas of cosmetic repair especially for prestige vehicles, mainly due to the expensive nature of replacement parts. We feel, why replace it if we can repair it and achieve an economical & as new result.

Mainstream repair shops although usually very well equipped for smash repair, find cosmetic repair an interruption to the daily work flow and tend not to promote this type of repair.

Focusing on paint technology and understanding how paint reacts to differing environments and damage are the major aspects of cosmetic repair in our business. The paint-less scratch removal process has been developed by hours of hands-on experience. This technique allows certain scratches, marks and imperfections to be removed without repainting the area.

We are proud to offer a flexible alternative repair service to the public with all our options available to suit your needs and budget.

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Forward to 2013 Prestige Auto Salon, following mounting pressure from our growing client base, we have expanded our Business into mainstream crash repair. We have been approached on numerous occasions to repair more damage by our clients and have accepted the challenge and expanded into a new facility in the two adjoining buildings. We have been accepted into the Jaguar/Land Rover Centre of Excellence, which is Factory approval to repair this type of vehicle and return it to Factory standard.

Since our formation in March of 2004 we have had extremely strong relationships with our local dealer networks. We have repaired a variety of vehicles with a myriad of damage from a minor scratch to major collision. Contact with our dealers has exposed us to a number of Manufacturers of which we enjoy a close relationship with.  Volkswagen Australia, Volvo Australia, Peugeot Australia, Honda Australia, have all utilized our expertise in paint issues,  panel warranty concerns, major repair and motor show preparation.

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Although we have expanded our operation, we have not lost sight of our core values. The Salon side of the business is as strong now as when it commenced in 2004. We manage the two different processes so they compliment each other. The ability to separate the different operations has enabled us to focus on each part of the business and allocate our craftsmen their assigned tasks to produce the excellent result we are now well known for.

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